About Arria Live Media

Arria Live Media, Inc. is a Hillsboro, OR-based company. Ed Arrington, Founder and CEO, formerly operated an AV services company where he constantly lived the pain of dealing with overly-complex live audio systems. Realizing that the mixing consoles and other gear required to do live audio are all designed for professionals, but are most often used by volunteers and amateurs, he recognized an unmet need and a key market opportunity.

Ed assembled a talented team and led them through several years of intensive R&D resulting in Arria.Live, our flagship live audio system. The Arria Live team is committed to making live audio easy for non-professionals to setup and operate by applying the latest digital technology.

Dramatically changing the way live audio systems work is not for the faint of heart, but it’s a change that is way overdue. The Arria Live Media team is up to the challenge.

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