FlexSoft Stage Cables

Network Cables for the Live Performance Stage

The stage can be a rough environment, and cheap plastic Ethernet cables may not be the best choice. While there are lots of ruggedized network cables available, all of the ones we tried were too stiff and wouldn’t lay flat on the stage. Problem solved with Arria.Live network cables that are specially designed for the live performance stage.

Arria.Live FlexSoft Stage-Quality Ethernet cables are built tough to withstand the rigors of live performance, while also being soft and flexible to lay flat on the stage.

Their convertible EtherCon-style connectors mate perfectly with the robust connectors built-in to systems incorporating Arria.Live technology. A removable twist-lock barrel enables instant conversion to accommodate standard RJ45 jacks. The included cable strap does double duty as a convenient way to manage cable coils and as a way to keep the removable connector barrels from getting lost.

Arria.Live cable products are available in various lengths and include a limited lifetime warranty.

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