Products incorporating Arria.Live technology are smart and intuitive. But we can all benefit from a little more information. Below are FAQs that should help you better understand and use these products.

Arria Live Media Inc. is the creator of Arria.Live technology – a complete reinvention of how live audio works. With Arria.Live technology, the most expensive, bulky and complicated component found in all traditional sound systems – the central mixer – is eliminated. This revolutionary new design results in fully-capable sound systems that are incredibly simple to set-up and operate, components that are small, lightweight and easily transportable, and an unprecedented ability to seamlessly scale from one to 32 inputs with up to 32 unique mixes.

Products incorporating Arria.Live technology will soon be available from a leading audio manufacturer.  However, our FlexSoft line of stage-quality network cables are shipping now and can be purchased directly on Amazon.

Systems that incorporate Arria.Live technology save time and eliminate complexity. System components connect to any available network port.  Signal routing happens automatically.  You only see faders for the devices that are currently connected, and all of your settings are retained. As a result, operators can simply focus on the mix.

Systems scale smoothly from 1 to 32 inputs, supporting up to 32 unique mixes and an unlimited number of speakers.  Buy what you need, when you need it. You never outgrow what you already own.  And with no bulky mixing board, the components are small, light and easy to transport.

Arria.Live technology includes built-in support for personal monitor mixing at industry-leading price points.  Monitor mixes can access all 32 input channels and can be controlled both by performers using their smart phone and by a monitor mix engineer. Monitor mix engineers are able to hear exactly what the performers are hearing.

The signal produced by an output module is a line-level analog signal ready to be fed to either a powered speaker or an amplifier that drives passive speakers.

Input modules do the analog to digital conversion right onboard. Thereafter, the signal stays digital until the very last stage of processing in the output modules, where it is converted back to analog. This results in the shortest analog path of any sound system on the market.

We license our technology to world-renowned audio manufacturers.

Arria Live Media, Inc. was formed in 2013.

Dante is a network-based “audio transport”.  Also, Dante maintains the traditional mixer-centric sound system architecture.  Arria.Live technology incorporates a network-based audio transport, but adds much more intelligence and functionality on top of the transport in order to provide far greater simplicity and scalability.

Systems utilizing Arria.Live technology are far simpler to setup and operate because there is no signal routing and channel mapping – the most complex and error prone tasks in configuring a traditional sound system. For our target market, Dante is too expensive, too complex, and doesn’t do enough.

If our target market finds a clear and compelling need, the ability to interact with Dante is a future possibility.  Thus far, however, our experience indicates that, for our target market, Dante is too expensive, too complex, and doesn’t do enough.

All of these other alternatives still rely on a complex central mixer. Systems based on Arria.Live technology do not. This eliminates the complexity of channel mapping and signal routing making setup and operation far simpler.  Also, the Arria.Live control app presents only the devices that are actually connected, thereby further reducing clutter and complexity.  Finally, personal monitor mixing is built in, providing the most cost-effective and flexible personal monitoring solution on the market.

Systems based on Arria.Live technology support up to 32 simultaneous inputs.  A nearly unlimited number of outputs can be used simultaneously.

Arria.Live network audio utilizes 24 bits per sample, and a sampling rate of 48 KHz. We do not use any compression for live audio streams in order to keep latency at 2ms or less.

We do not place a limit on the number of controllers used.

Systems utilizing Arria.Live technology do not use the concept of aux busses. Arria.Live systems simply use “mixes.”  A mix can be sent to any number of speakers.  Currently, up to 32 independent mixes are provided.

Currently up to 32 mixes are provided.

A standard 100 Mbit Ethernet is all that is required. Ethernet switches should provide standard Power Over Ethernet (POE) to power the Arria.Live components.

Products using Arria.Live technology consume very little power, and therefore the most basic POE (802.3af or 802.3ar Type 1) is all that is required.

Internet connectivity is not required, but it is recommended.

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