Arria.Live products are smart and intuitive. But we can all benefit from a little more information. Below are FAQs that should help you better understand and use our products.If you need product support, please visit our Support page.If you have a question that isn’t answered below, submit it via our contact form and we’ll answer it promptly.

Arria Live Media is the creator of Arria.Live, the world’s first networked live audio system. With Arria.Live technology, the most expensive, bulky and complicated component found in all traditional sound systems – the central mixer – is eliminated. Our revolutionary new design results in a fully-capable sound system that is incredibly simple to set-up and operate, components that are small, lightweight and easily transportable, and an unprecedented ability to seamlessly scale from one to 32 inputs with up to 32 unique mixes.

The Arria.Live system currently includes the following components, each of which directly connects to an Ethernet network:

– Arria.Live Dynamic Microphone

– Arria.Live Condenser Microphone

– Arria.Live Direct In

– Arria.Live Stereo In

– Arria.Live Speaker Out

– Arria.Live Stereo Out

– Arria.Live Personal Monitor

– Arria.Live FlexSoft network cables with EtherCon connectors

Controller applications are available for free and include:

– Arria.Live Control app for iPad and iPhone

– Arria.Live Personal Monitor mixing app for iPhone

We currently have versions of the controller app available for iPad and iPhone. These can be downloaded from the Apple App Store.  Android versions of the control app are coming soon.

Not yet, but we do have a series of short How To videos that will give you a good feel for how the Arria.Live system operates.

Installing an Arria.Live system in a typical venue can often be done for less than the cost of a traditional sound system. Pricing for Arria.Live Smart Dynamic Microphones begin at $199 MSRP and other components range from $199 MSRP to $349 MSRP depending on specific use. Our cabling products are engineered specifically for the live stage and are priced comparably to other stage cables.

We are selling on Amazon as well as on our own online store. Special purchasing discounts are available to churches belonging to the Christian and Missionary AllianceAt present, we are only able to service the North America market, but we hope to be available in international locations soon.

Purchase our Trial Kit and see what you think.  The kit includes

  • A Dynamic Microphone
  • A Direct In
  • A Personal Monitor
  • Needed networking components (WiFi router, POE switch, cables)

You just need to add an iPad or iPhone and a pair of headphones.

Arria.Live systems save time and eliminate complexity. Connect Arria.Live components to any available network port.  Signal routing happens automatically.  You only see faders for the devices that are currently connected, and all of your settings are retained. As a result, operators can simply focus on the mix.

Arria.Live systems scale smoothly from 1 to 32 inputs, supporting up to 32 unique mixes and an unlimited number of speakers.  Buy what you need, when you need it. You never outgrow what you already own.  And with no bulky mixing board, the components are small, light and easy to transport.

Arria.Live systems include built-in support for personal monitor mixing at industry-leading price points.  Monitor mixes can be controlled by performers using their smart phone and by the sound engineer.

The signal produced by the Arria.Live Speaker Out is a line-level analog signal ready to be fed to either a powered speaker or an amplifier that drives passive speakers.

Arria.Live input devices (Microphones and Direct Ins) do the analog to digital conversion right onboard. Thereafter, the signal stays digital until the very last stage of the Speaker Out processing, where it is converted back to analog. Arria.Live systems have the shortest analog path of any sound system on the market.

Signal degradation only takes place with analog signals. Because our analog signal path is so very short (see previous answer), degradation is not an issue for Arria.Live systems.

Arria.Live products are targeted at “venues with stages” — typically schools (high schools and colleges), churches, and community centers.  These venues often have sound systems that must be operated by volunteer staff who benefit greatly from the simplicity that Arria.Live systems offer.

Arria.Live products are being introduced at Worship Facilities Expo 2017.  Multiple sites have been testing Arria.Live systems extensively for over a year, including churches, schools and community centers.

Arria Live Media, Inc. was formed in 2013.

Dante is a network-based “audio transport”.  Also, Dante maintains the traditional mixer-centric sound system architecture. Arria.Live is a complete networked sound system for live performance.  Arria.Live technology incorporates a network-based audio transport, but adds much more intelligence and functionality on top of the transport in order to provide far greater simplicity and scalability.

Arria.Live systems are far simpler to setup and operate because there is no signal routing and channel mapping – the most complex and error prone tasks in configuring a traditional sound system. For our target market, Dante is too expensive, too complex, and doesn’t do enough.

If our target market finds a clear and compelling need, the possibility to interact with Dante is a future possibility.  Thus far, however, our experience indicates that, for our target market, Dante is too expensive, too complex, and doesn’t do enough.

All of these other alternatives still rely on a complex central mixer. Arria.Live systems do not. This eliminates the complexity of channel mapping and signal routing making setup and operation far simpler.  Also, the Arria.Live control app presents only the devices that are actually connected, thereby further reducing clutter and complexity.

Arria.Live systems support up to 32 simultaneous inputs (microphones and DI’s).  A nearly unlimited number of outputs can be used simultaneously.

Arria.Live network audio utilizes 24 bits per sample, and a sampling rate of 48 KHz. We do not use any compression for live audio streams in order to keep latency at 2ms or less.

Arria.Live systems do not place a limit on the number of controllers used.

Arria.Live systems do not use the concept of aux busses. Arria.Live systems simply use “mixes.”  A mix can be sent to one or more speakers.  Currently, up to 32 independent mixes are provided.

Currently up to 32 mixes are provided.

A standard 100 Mbit Ethernet is all that is required. Ethernet switches should provide standard Power Over Ethernet (POE) to power the Arria.Live components.

See our support document: “Setting up an Arria.Live Network”

Arria.Live products consume very little power, and therefore the most basic POE (802.3af or 802.3ar Type 1) is all that is required.

Internet connectivity is not required for Arria.Live systems, but it is recommended.

Certainly not. You can plug any existing microphone into an Arria.Live DI.  Arria.Live Speaker Out devices will work seamlessly with almost any powered speaker or amp-driven passive speaker.

Many customers choose to use Arria.Live microphones instead of their older mics because they connect directly to the network, do things that ordinary mics cannot do, and, well, they sound great.

To be sure, it will certainly work to plug your existing mics into Arria.Live DI’s. But when a DI is used with an existing mic, it now matters where the mic is plugged in because the person setting up the system has to keep track of which microphone is plugged into which DI. 

With Arria.Live microphones, it doesn’t matter where you plug the mic in because it can be connected to any convenient network port.  Since you cannot hook it up wrong, you will never again need to spend your valuable time troubleshooting signal path issues. 

Also, settings such as gain, EQ and compression are stored in the mic itself allowing the mic to be tuned to a specific performer or application. No matter where you plug in that microphone, it shows up exactly as it should on the Arria.Live controller app with the assigned name and settings retained.

Arria.Live microphones are simple to use, remember all the parameters that you have already set, and sound great.

Through an Arria.Live Direct In.

Yes. Both applications, system control and track source (such as iTunes), can run on an iPad simultaneously. The audio output of your iPad can be connected to an Arria.Live Stereo In. For wireless playback of audio, an AirPlay compatible receiver can be plugged in to an Arria.Live Stereo In.

Yes. Connect up all your pedals and effects boxes as you normally would and then put the Arria.Live Direct In at the end of the chain.

Arria.Live Speaker Out devices are designed to connect with existing amplifiers and powered speakers.  They also include a “pass-through” option that allows an Arria.Live system to be installed in parallel with and share the amps and speakers of an existing installed sound system. You have the choice of using Arria.Live, your legacy sound board, or both.  Even at the same time.

Right here on our website. Or, contact us via our contact form and we’ll be happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

Arria Live Media does not announce details of future products, but we have several very exciting new products under development.

Arria Live Media is currently funded by private investors.

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