Live Audio Made Simple

No complicated mixing console.

Quick and simple setup.

Crystal clear sound.

Perfect for volunteers, yet powerful enough for experts.

You’ll never want to go back.

Arria.Live Explained (in under 2 minutes)

An entirely new approach to live audio production.

The Arria.Live system provides all of the functionality of a modern digital mixer, but does away with the complicated mixing console.  In its place there are easy-to-use input and output modules, smart microphones, and an app for your iPad.  

Simply connect Arria.Live components to any convenient port on a standard Ethernet network and watch as their controls pop onto the iPad app, ready for immediate use. Signal routing is completely automatic, and clutter is eliminated by only presenting controls for devices being used.

Arria.Live input modules work with everything you already own including microphones, instruments and sources of track like laptops and media players. You place them right next to the audio source so there is never any confusion about where to plug things in, and so that you can minimize the use of lossy and noisy analog cabling.

The output modules connect directly to your powered speakers, amp channels, or recording equipment. There is also a Personal Monitor module that delivers a customized monitor mix for each performer.

To make things even simpler, the Arria.Live system also includes smart, professional-quality handheld microphones that connect directly to the network and which can be customized for each performer. Customization settings are stored right in the microphone and are retained between shows.

Arria.Live systems are amazing.  They are perfect for volunteers, yet still sophisticated enough to keep the experts happy. Once you try one, you’ll never want to go back.

Scalable and networked sound systems for live performances.


Arria.Live products are a great fit for churches. Your volunteers will appreciate that system setup is quick and easy and that the Arria.Live controller app is clear and intuitive. Plant churches benefit by having less gear to haul in and out of the rented hall. Because Arria.Live systems scale seamlessly, you’ll save money. Buy only what you need, when you need it. 

Learn how Crossridge Church improved Sunday Services and volunteer happiness.



Because Arria.Live systems eliminate signal routing, schools spend more time performing and teaching, and far less time troubleshooting. 

“Our Arria.Live system far surpassed our existing house system. It was easy for our students to run, but allowed for sophistication we have only been able to achieve by hiring professionals. We don’t want to go back to our old setup when we have tried the future.”  Jim Dunlop, Band Director – Century High

Community Centers

Community arts centers host a wide range of activities and performances that need sound, and all too often that means hiring a professional sound techArria.Live systems are so simple to setup and operate that your house staff, or even the renter, can handle most events just fine.  Save money by only hiring the pros for the big, complicated events.  For everything else, enjoy doing it yourself. 

Handheld Microphones

Dynamic and Condenser Versions

Arria.Live professional microphones are smart and connect directly to your network.  Both dynamic and condenser versions are available, and each includes an onboard Burr Brown preamp which has been precisely tuned for the mic’s capsule.

When connected, these microphones immediately announce their presence to all Arria.Live controllers and operate with exactly the same settings as when they were last used. Arria.Live microphones, like all Arria.Live devices, utilize 24 bit, 48 KHz, uncompressed audio.

Direct In


Arria.Live Direct In devices support instruments, specialty mics, wireless receivers, and track source. The mono DI features a combo connector that accepts both XLR and 1/4″ TRS and has switchable phantom power.  The Stereo In device accepts line level inputs via a pair of RCA jacks. Both DI’s feature adjustable preamp gain, dynamics and EQ, and store these parameters (along with an assigned name) in the DI itself. 

Speaker Out

Seamless Integration with Existing Speakers

The Arria.Live Speaker Out uses an internal 32 channel mix engine to transform network audio to a pristine, line-level balanced output, ready to be plugged directly in to your amps or powered speakers.

Personal Monitor

Take Personal Monitor Mixing to a New Level

Personal monitor mixing is built right into Arria.Live systems. Just plug a Personal Monitor into any convenient network port and connect your headphones. Monitor mixes can be controlled both on a smartphone and by the sound engineer. 

Controller Application

Devices Automatically Appear When Connected

With an Arria.Live system, control your mix with our free controller app. You will only see controls for what’s currently connected. Without all of the clutter, you can focus on your mix.

FlexSoft Stage Cables

Smart, convertible EtherCON Connectors

Arria.Live FlexSoft Stage-Quality Ethernet cables are built tough to withstand the rigors of live performance, while also being soft and flexible to lay flat on the stage.


Reviews and Awards

Arria Live Media is very proud of the positive reviews and awards our products have been receiving. We set out to produce an amazing, live audio solution specifically for venues that rely upon volunteer and amateur operators. The experts seem to feel we’re on the right track!