The Arria.Live Experience

To enable us to validate the quality of the Arria.Live solution, we equipped a number of churches, schools and community centers.  Here is a sampling of the feedback we received:

Ward Church, Northville, MI –

“It took about 10 minutes to be up and running . . . this stuff is great. Works fabulously! I will definitely be ordering more”

Century High in Hillsboro, OR –

“Our Arria.Live system far surpassed our existing house system. It was easy for our students to run, but allowed for sophistication we have only been able to achieve by hiring professionals. We don’t want to go back to our old setup when we have tried the future”

Crossridge Church in Sherwood, OR –

“Our church went from test drive to full throttle with Arria.Live in record time, and the system’s quality and simplicity have transformed our church’s ability to serve the community. Arria.Live has truly been a blessing for us”

Northpointe Community Church in Las Vegas –

“We are definitely sold on Arria Live! As a portable church setting up and tearing down every week, this system has made sound so simple. What used to take us 30-45 minutes to set up and tweak, now is down to half the time and the settings never change. Plus, there is so much control on everything that our old system never could give us.”

“Our Arria Live set up has changed our sound system from a chore, and often a pain, to a simple task. Having control over every channel, has brought us up to the next level of sound!”

Theater in the Grove, Forest Grove, OR –

“Integrating ArriaLive in to our existing sound system has greatly improved the flexibility and simplified reconfiguration between or even during our shows. We can easily reroute sound to specific speakers quickly which significantly adds to the theatrical experience. We also see significant cost savings by using CAT5e Ethernet cables instead of much more expensive XLR cable. Additionally, using Ethernet instead of XLR cables lowers our noise floor and virtually eliminates noise from ground loops and electrical interference. 

“We frequently train new volunteers on how to do production audio. The addition of ArriaLive to our sound system has enabled us to expose trainees to both a traditional sound board and ArriaLive digital interface. Since many of them use sound apps on their phones, tablets or computers they pick right up on the ArriaLive control app that runs on an Apple iPad.  It really helps reduce the typical overwhelmed feeling when they are introduced to all the sliders and knobs of a sound board. It also allows us to control the sound from anywhere in the theatre and from multiple devices. This way we can provide a safety net allowing our trainee techs to run sound while being backed up by our experienced sound engineers, thus enabling a sense of accomplishment when they run sound for a performance. “

Forest Grove City Library, Forest Grove, OR -.

Arria.Live truly offers simple connectivity and quality performance for those organizations with minimal technical ability. For a recent, standing-room-only event, a librarian was able to adjust sound levels amongst several sources simply and flawlessly from the back of the room using the iPad controller app, thus insuring a tremendously polished presentation.”

Forest Grove High School, Forest Grove, OR –

“As the director of the musical theater productions, I whole-heartedly endorse the company (Arria Live Media Inc.) and the product (Arria.Live).  I am really excited by:

  • The ease of the set-up and assignment of mics.
  • The clarity of the sound.
  • the freedom to make adjustments from anywhere in the auditorium on my iPad.
  • the intuitive software and interface.
  • The versatility of the hardware components.

Really.  This is terrific.”

Resound Church, Hillsboro, OR -.

“I was blown away by your product. I think it’s what live audio engineering will be in the near future. One of the major benefits we see with running an Arria.Live system is that once we build our next generational facility in its large space we won’t have to buy a whole new system. We can just add to the Arria.Live system we already have.”

If your organization would like to experience Arria.Live in your own venue, contact us to see if products are available.

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