Speaker Out

Connects to your amps or powered speakers

Each Arria.Live Speaker Out uses its network connection to receive audio from every input device. Its full-featured 32channel mixing engine creates the mix needed for the associated speaker, delivering a pristine, line-level balanced output to your amp or powered speaker.

Using the Arria.Live controller app, just assign the Speaker Out to a mix and set its position in the stereo sound field. Each Arria.Live mix includes mix-specific EQ and effects. All of the Speaker Out devices assigned to a given mix will perfectly track all mix adjustments made by the operator. It’s totally simple.

Overlay an Existing Sound System

You can even install an Arria.Live system as an overlay to an existing sound system, which is great for mobile organizations that would like to use a rented venue’s installed amps and speakers. The Arria.Live Speaker Out device includes an analog pass-through port. Just plug the existing system’s mixer output into this port, and connect the Speaker Out’s pigtail to wherever the mixer had been connected. The house system and the Arria.Live system will both be fully operational. Use the house system, use your Arria.Live system, or use both at the same time. It all just works.

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