Handheld Microphones


Microphone Home 525x475

Arria.Live professional handheld microphones are smart. They do things that normal mics can’t do, and they remember their settings. Available in both a dynamic and a condenser configuration, these professional-quality microphones handle a wide range of applications.  Watch the video below to understand why Arria.Live microphones are so special.

Each microphone includes a high-quality Burr Brown preamp that has been precisely tuned for the unique characteristics of its capsule. Your settings for gain, EQ, and dynamics, along with an assigned name are also stored right in the microphone itself

Arria.Live microphones feature a stage-ready EtherCON connector that works perfectly with EtherCON cables as well as standard RJ45 cables. Simply plug the mic into your Ethernet network via any convenient POE-enabled port. It will immediately announce its presence to all Arria.Live controllers and resume operating with exactly the same settings as when it was last used.

The operator can flash the built-in LEDs to positively identify a particular microphone, set the illumination color to match the fader color, or turn the illumination off completely. Bring your Arria.Live mics with you to your next show, and when you plug them in, all of your carefully tuned settings and assigned names are still there. You always get the sound you like.

Arria.Live microphones, like all Arria.Live devices, utilize 24 bit, 48 KHz, uncompressed audio.

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