Welcome to Arria.Live!

Getting started with your Arria.Live system is easy (of course)!  Just follow these simple steps.

1) Assemble your Ethernet network

Each Arria.Live component connects to and is powered by an Ethernet network. In its most basic form this network can consist of a standard WiFi router connected to one or more Ethernet switches that have power-over-Ethernet (POE) capability. Select switches that will give you enough POE ports for all of the Arria.Live components you will need. Locating your networking components where they will not be disturbed helps ensure trouble-free operation of your Arria.Live system.

Need more info on network configuration or component recommendations? Click here.

2) Install the Arria.Live controller app

From your iPad, install the Arria.Live controller app from the Apple App Store. Then connect your iPad’s Wifi to your Arria.Live network, and launch the app. The app will begin scanning the network, looking for Arria.Live components.

3) Plug things in

Plug your Arria.Live components into the network switch, using any available POE port, and watch them show up on the Arria.Live controller app.

What's Next?

Learn how to connect your existing gear

Plug the receiver’s output into an Arria.Live DI.  If both line level and mic level outputs are available, try using the line level first and confirm that gain levels are suitable.

Plug the mic into an Arria.Live DI. Phantom power is available if needed.

Plug the instrument cable into an Arria.Live DI or Arria.Live Stereo In as appropriate. For acoustical instruments, use an Arria.Live dynamic or condenser mic, as appropriate.

Connect the pigtail of an Arria.Live Speaker Out to the line input of powered speakers or the amp input for passive speakers.

For wired monitoring,  just use an Arria.Live Personal Monitor (PM) and plug your phones into the PM.  For wireless in-ear monitoring, use an Arria.Live speaker out with the pig tail connected to the line level audio input of your IEM transmitter.

Enjoy the best of both worlds! Arria.Live systems can easily run in parallel with an existing system.  Experienced audio techs can continue to use your existing mixer for complex events, while any staffer (even the pastor!)  can handle simple events using your Arria.Live system.

Just run each of the main output channels from your existing board through an Arria.Live Speaker Out. Move each mixer out cable to the analog input of an Arria.Live Speaker Out, then connect the Speaker Out’s pigtail to the connector where the mixer’s output had been going. Make sure the Speaker Outs are always plugged into your network switch so they stay powered on.

Your old system will continue to run exactly as it always has.  But now you have the option of using Arria.Live instead of (or even in addition to) your old mixer.