Direct In

Connect mono and stereo sources directly to the network

Use a Direct In to include your existing wireless mics, instruments or specialty mics in your Arria.Live system. The DI will pop onto the Arria.Live controller screen where you can assign a name and set parameters such as gain, compression and EQ. All these settings and the assigned name are stored in the DI and will be remembered at the next show.

The Arria.Live mono Direct In features a combo connector that accepts both XLR and 1/4″ TRS. It will handle anything you throw at it from specialty mics to instruments to line level sources. Naturally, it has switchable phantom power as well.

The Arria.Live Stereo In accepts line level inputs via a pair of RCA jacks and has all of the same features and capabilities as the mono DI.

Arria.Live DI’s, like all Arria.Live devices, utilize 24 bit, 48 KHz, uncompressed audio.

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