Controller Application

Devices Pop Onto the Screen When Connected

With Arria.Live technology, say goodbye to the central mixer. All of the smarts and all of the mixing happen out in the endpoints (microphones, DI’s and Speaker Outs). The Arria.Live Controller app provides an intuitive and engaging way to control these smart devices directly. As you connect the various devices, they just pop onto the controller screen with their assigned names and settings intact.

Since you only see faders and controls for devices that are currently connected, you have much less clutter, and zero confusion about what a particular fader is actually connected to. What you see is what you’ve got, and what you’ve got just works.

You can use multiple controllers simultaneously, and each will track perfectly what is being done on any other. It’s like Drivers Ed for sound techs. Of course, you can also set it up so that performers can control their own monitor mixes on their personal smart phone.

Available now for iOS. Android support is coming.

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