Pro Audio has never been this simple

Unique Technology

Arria.Live is the World's First Truly Networked Sound System for Live Performance

How can we say that?

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Rethinking the Architecture

Rethinking the Architecture

Arria.Live is bold enough to abandon pro-audio’s 50-year old mixer-centric architecture.

Smart Endpoints

Smart Endpoints

Arria.Live makes the microphones and speakers smart, so you control them directly.

Network is the Sound System

Network is the Sound System

Smart endpoints simplify setup and eliminate the centralized mixer.

Arria.Live is Different


Smart Products

We want to show the world just how amazingly simple pro audio can be. We’re just getting started with these first products and more will soon follow.


Arria.Live Is A Perfect Fit For

<strong>Praise Bands</strong>

Volunteer sound engineers get better quality with less complexity.

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Praise Bands


Simple for learning and performing. Students can't break it

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<strong>Community Centers</strong>

House staff can setup and run most events without help.

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Community Centers

No Expensive Audio Engineer Needed!  Sound Guy

Unprecedented Scaleability

Go from tiny to major. Never outgrow what you already own.

Arria.Live is scaleable


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We are currently installing Arria.Live sound systems in a small number of venues to help us continuously improve product quality, and to help our partner audio manufacturers see for themselves how much their customers enjoy and appreciate Arria.Live technology.  If you would like to have your venue be considered as an additional Arria.Live evaluation site, please fill out the form below.

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Who are we?

Meet the team audacious enough to re-invent pro audio

Not Really Us

Arria Live Media, Inc. is a Hillsboro, OR based company committed to bringing pro audio out of the dark ages and into the modern digital world.  Changing the entire landscape is not for the faint of heart, but it is time. The Arria Live Media team is up to the challenge.

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